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i don’t want to give this book a terrible rating, because simply the way it was written. it truly was beautiful, i think the author did a fabulous job with the use of words and descriptions and such. everything was just described so prettily. now with that said, i think with the way she described it. she might have ruined it a bit, i don’t know exactly how she did it.

but she made it very very confusing.

maybe i’m just stupid? but half the time i was lost, i had to keep retracing my steps. also i had difficulty getting into it, my attention just kept wandering. to be completely honest i had higher expectations for this book, and it simply did not deliver through. it was slow, lacking in many departments, especially with the world building and such.

now i will say what i loved as well, the setting being one of them. it is set in arabia, and it’s just unique for that very reason, i absolutely loved the setting. and the use of arabic words, while confusing was splendid as well. really added to the magic of it! and i liked the characters as well, they were very well thought out! the two main characters are simply splendid, and i loved the background they had as well!!

ooh not to mention the romance, it was not the best. but definitely not bad, didn’t overtake the book and was just very perfect. one of my favorite aspects here! it was a bit slow but not too slow, and not too fast. it was perfect hehe. and that’s it, that’s where it ends on the goods.

ooh other than altair lol, he was funny. and also side note deen deserved better! i just think what this story lacked was the development of the plot, it came much too late, and it was rushed and confusing and just odd in general. also it kept trying to throw curves and surprises at you, and i was just here like huh ik not surprised.

i don’t think i’ll read the next one? i might, we’ll see when it comes out. it is a duology so i might just. but other than that, the authors writing style is just so pretty. i wish she could just put it to better use, so much potential!