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We Hunt the Night is a story of Zafira and Nasir, whose paths cross when searching for the Jawrat, a book rumored to have the ability to bring back magic in a land that has lost magic generations ago. Along the way they come to discover things not only about each other, but also the party they travel with. Mostly importantly, they learn about their own destinies.
Overall, I liked this book. My favorite part were the action scenes and how well they were written. I felt those parts of the story were the most engaging. I normally find action scenes a little lackluster because I feel they do not have enough detail. But Hafsah Faizal wrote her action sequences in a way that kept the story moving. Where I felt the story did slowdown was the love story. In trying to figure out each other and how they felt, both Zafira and Nasir had this longing that seemed to drag on and on. Those parts of the story were still written well, it just seemed never ending. I found We Hunt the Flame to be very rich in culture, magic and adventure, with complex characters and wonderful world building.