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This book is set in a Middle Eastern inspired fantasy world. We follow two perspectives. Zafira masquerades as a man to be the famed Hunter, the only person who can enter the dark forest called the Arz and return safely. She does so to hunt and provide for her family and community. The other perspective is Nasir, the prince of the lands and assassin to the sultan. There paths cross when they are sent on a mission to retrieve the Arawat, a book that will supposedly return magic to their lands, but is hidden on a dangerous island called Sharr.

I really enjoyed the set-up of the book: the world, the magic, the plot. However, the execution and development (plotwise-and character-wise) was lacking. The majority of the book was filled with beautifully written scenes and descriptions, though not much occurred until the last act of the book; the pace was very slow. For such a seemingly expansive world, we are not shown much of it. The magic and magical creatures were not as explored as I would have liked. The character development was lacking, and the relationships felt rushed. The bones of this story were solid, something that will hopefully be expanded upon in the next book, but overall this book was a bit disappointing.