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First off...... can we talk about how amazingly utterly talented Hafsah Faizal is?! Holy cow. I honestly cannot believe how truly stunning her words are on paper. She has true talent that not many other authors can touch. I honestly find myself completely entranced in her writing.

The cover is absolutely stunning as well. The colors, font, and image go well together and are totally appealing to the eye.

The storyline is unique and easy to follow. Her writing makes it easy to get through the story, pay attention, and enjoy what you are reading.

"People lived because she killed." That is a fabulous line to start off a book, right? I immediately was drawn in and fell in love with this book. The characters are relatable. The plot is imaginative and keeps you entwined..

This is probably my all-time favorite book at the moment. I truly cannot wait to read more by Hafsah Faizal!!!