Aladdin, but make it dark and better <3

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I will divide this review in various sections, and by order of what I as a reader, take into account first, before and after reading the book.

1. Cover design:
I will be straight, this cover is gorgeous. Could have most probably been 80%, the reasoning behind the why, I would've found interest in the book, if I hadn't heard from other readers how good it was. So considering that the name was already known, previous to me actually viewing the cover; I'd say it influenced 60% the why I chose to read it, leaving 40% to the actual story. And here's the why:
The cover shows a beautiful illustration of the story the book withholds. With such illustration, I was able to get a sense of how it took place in an arabic aesthetic-like fantasy world, that did not fail in amazing me with it's beauty. The cover color palettes are cold tones, that show the mystery and thrill behind the story, and of course our main character, shown upfront.

2. Story:
- Characters: I absolutely loved the characters. I went from hating Altair, to absolutely love him; even so that he became my favorite character. Mostly because of his charisma and sass. Then we have our two main characters Zafira and Nasir, who had an amazing evolution with their relationship, from enemy to (even if they don't like to admit it) lovers. I loved the evolution of their relationship, and how it felt more as an actual enemy to lovers -thanks to the slow-burn. I also had a loot of fun getting to know the other characters, such as kifah, and Benyamin 5/5.
- Setting: The setting was incredible 5/5.
- Writing: The writing was so magical, and smooth to read. Even tho, I do have to admit it took me a while to adjust at the beginning, as it was hard for me to get through the first chapters, after the first 6; it was so easy to read. Very well written 4/5.
- Overall: I loved the story, and am excited to start the second book in this duology. The writing, theme, setting, and character development was incredibly done 4.45/5