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I loved reading this book, from the first sentence I fell in love. I didn't expect to feel so many emotions but I did. I think Hafsah Faizal did such a fantastic job in setting up the world, introducing the characters, and establishing the plot.
We have Zafira, she is such a bad-ass, her development was so interesting. She ventures into the darkness for the people, and she doesn't want to settle down, she wants the darkness. We have Nasir, the damaged boy who craves for the approval of his father, also he's an assassin and a crown prince. I did come for the romance in this book so lets talk about that, being that Zafira and Nasir both want different things in their life it was such a slow slow slowburn. I mean the slowburn was amazing, these two souls meeting each other and slowly falling in love with one another. Speaking of relationships I would like to shout out the zumra. They are just an interesting group of people aren't they. ANYWAYS I love this book, it has magical elements, enemies to lovers, romance, friendships, and BANTER. (btw the banter was so humorous)