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This book had a short summary of the achievements of 30 women of color. Sadly enough I was only familiar with eight of these amazing women. I would imagine most other Caucasian women would have a similar experience. Unless the woman is someone like Michele Obama, Simone Biles, or recent rising poet Amanda Gorman these women have been overshadowed by men or those who are not of color.
Nicole Ellis’s book was attractive with illustrations of flowers throughout. There were categories such as Politics, Culture, Sports, Journalism, etc. to indicate what these women were known for. Many had to overcome adversity to achieve success and had advice for other young women of color. Enough information was given to whet the interest of a reader to do more research on certain individuals if desired.
For me, I think this book was valuable not only in being introduced to some high achieving women I was not familiar with, but also developing a greater understanding of what it takes for a woman of color to succeed and what her true feelings are as she interacts with people around her in this world where she is in a minority.