Important stories and stunning artwork

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This beautiful book introduces readers to 30 women of color who are noteworthy in a variety of occupational fields and positions of societal significance. Several of the women are well known including Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris, Abby Phillips, Simone Biles and others while many of the featured women work “behind the scenes” yet have significant influence on a variety of issues. Each “story” is brief but gives us pictures of bravery, trailblazing and often intense oppression and personal struggles.
I really enjoyed the layout of the book in sections addressing the areas of influence and features 3-4 women in each category. The stories are brief yet complete enough to give the reader important facts about each woman’s societal influence while offering some personal insights that make each account more interesting. And making the book even more appealing is the stunning artwork - each portrait surrounded by creative and beautiful floral designs! The book would make a beautiful gift.