The Most Incredible Read!

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There is so much to say about this book! It was such an amazing read. I was angry, laughing and crying throughout the whole book. Jas Hammonds is such an incredible author, and I will read anything they write in the future! This book will stick with me for a very long time. Avery is such an easy character to Iroot for. And I really love her whole family! Actually, besides the Oliver family, besides Jade, all the characters are so amazing and real. Jas also did a wonderful job making all the characters so realistic and relatable. I felt like I knew them in real life. Being a teenager is so hard already, and then Avery has to deal with her grandmother, who she doesn't really know, dying of cancer, wondering about her future, finding her place in a town that is full of racism and also being queer. The title, is just as amazing as the story is. 5 stars and 100% recommend.