Such an important diverse book!

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Avery is 17, living in D.C. with her parents and on track for college. When her mom gets a letter from a childhood friend stating that Avery's grandmother is dying of cancer, the family picks up and moves to Georgia to take care of Mama Letty.

This book touches on so many hard topics. Homophobia, racism, family trauma, abuse, grief and loss, murder and unknown family. I am so impressed with how the author handled these important issues. Avery is so smart and carries herself with such maturity. As a white female, I don't have first hand experience with a lot of what Avery faced but I did relate a lot to parental pressures and being a high achiever. Avery realizes this is her chance to get to know the grandmother she has barely even met and to get to know her family history and she works hard to crack the hard shell that is her grandmother. I read this book quickly and couldn't get enough. I wanted to give it 5 stars but there was a reveal at the very end that I just really didn't like and it took a bit away from the story for me.