So powerful!

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First the sunflowers on the book cover and the movement shown through the blowing hair make for a captivating cover! Then add in that this book completely ensnared me from the start and you know it is worth the read! It is an amazing interwoven tale of family, trauma, friendship, mystery and love that will pull at all of your heartstrings. I loved Avery’s determination to find out her family’s secrets and answers about who she is, she is a main character you root for. Plus the wonderful flower crowns and the amazing sounds dance parties, make me want to visit the town. All of the mysteries in the small town will keep you questioning until the very last page! And even aftef this book is over you may be left with some questions that you will never get answers to! Jas Hammonds was a new author to me, but after reading We Deserve Monuments I know I will be reading all future books!