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This was an amazing debut novel. The writing was so good, the family secrets unfolded at a good pace, the friendships developed quickly but deeply, and the ending left me stunned. Avery learned so much about herself, and unlearned a lot about herself prior to moving from DC. She learned a lot about her family and the wounds that were in the past of her mom and grandma's relationship. It was really her first time ever getting to know the Black half of her family, as it was only the second time she'd ever met her mom's mom, which was her mom's only family. Her dad was white and she was pretty close to his family growing up. Avery's grandma was like... dying... which made the story have a sense of pace and a deadline, but otherwise, it was kind of story based instead of plot based, which I love. I love a book that's just about a main character learning more about themselves and the world around them and this did an amazing job of that.