I liked it a lot!

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A wonderfully written and highly emotionally YA novel that is a meditation on grief and intergenerational trauma.

In many ways, this book blurs genres and incorporates much of what I love about adult multi-generational family sagas with an air of mystery in a very accessible way for YA readers.

The book's pace was fairly brisk and the plot kept moving throughout the book, so perfect for people who need constant action in their reads.

I also particularly liked the way Avery, Jade, and Simone's friendship developed/changed over the course of the novel. Teenage friendships are such unique, charged, and emotional relationships that can change drastically day to day (from friends to dating to hating to loving etc) and not all authors are able to do justice to friendships at this very weight life stage.

[Note: received a free copy from Macmillan Children's Publishing Group via BookishFirst]