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Every highschooler should read this and every highschool library should have this book. I relate to Avery a lot throughout this book. Friends that are there, though at the same time aren't? Check. Learning more about my grandmother ? Check. And so much more that made me cry. I could relate to the emotions of the complex characters in more ways than one. After finishing the book I think that the title makes a lot of sense, and you will too after reading it. The book shows how racism still affects the family for generations, and how they fight through it. Even though Avery's grandmother isnt your cliché cookie baking, warm hugging grandmother, I still learned a great deal from her and found Avery trying to connect with her grandmother inspiring and heartwarming. As Avery's parents know about her sexuality, Avery is comfortable being the one to help Simone have some clarity with her feelings. At the end of the day family and the poeple you spend your time with, in more ways than one, keep you alive and from breaking down in oppressive structures. It keeps you alive and reciliant. I highly recommend this book!

The cover is gorgeous and instagramable, different, and looks nice on the shelf too.