Beautiful story of family and friends.

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From this instant this book started I knew I was hooked. The tension from this family was pulsating off the pages. I really appreciated how even though they family was constantly arguing they still had enough points of happiness together for you to fall in love with the main character and hope that the ending is happy. I was so happy that not only was Avery able to make friends that really understand her but also in the end she felt more confident and at peace with herself. This is a beautiful and tragic story. Avery gets to reconnect with her grandmother and gets to hear about the grandfather she never knew of. We Deserve Monuments is not just a story but this is happening in peoples lives everyday. This book helps you see that even when the worst happens you can still fit love and care in. Please read it you will not regret it. I can’t wait to read more books by Jas Hammonds.