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This book does a great job of understanding the lives and minds of teens like our protagonist Avery Anderson. Many times I feel as though authors who are so removed from being an actual teen or young adult can miss the mark, but I feel as though it was done perfectly here. Real subjects such as having to move to take care of family, being terminally ill, losing a grandparent, and the unbelievable history of a small town are at the center of this novel. All at the same time we see Avery trying to be a teenager and find her place in the world after leaving everything she knew and was so comfortable with. Before this Avery would not even have been aware nor cared of the history of Bardell, Georgia. Now, this information keeps her up at night. This novel shows the difficulty of social dynamics and relationships as they suffer from life challenges. This ever changing and evolving plot makes you hooked from the get go.