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This book blew me away! It's a coming-of-age book starring a biracial queer protagonist (Avery) who moves to the small town where her mother grew up. The family goes there to spend time with Avery's grandmother, who is dying from cancer. While there, family secrets are revealed and Avery meets some new friends. Her experiences in the town help her understand her own identity better and she learns so much about her family.
There's a F/F romance (not the main plot), there's a mystery, and there's a lot of character development. I cried several times reading this book and I felt so attached to the characters despite the relatively short length.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough if you like emotional, character-focused YA books.

Heads up that this is not a light read- themes discussed include cancer, grief, racism (including violence), homophobia, and police brutality.