A stunner!!

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This book is a stunner! It masterfully weaves together the complexities of queer identity, race, generational trauma, and coming of age into a mysterious, heart wrenching plot. Avery Anderson's senior year takes an unexpected turn when she is uprooted from her life in DC and relocated to the home of her terminally ill grandmother, Mama Letty, in Bardell, Georgia. Avery's mother and Mama Letty have a strained relationship with multidimensional, unaddressed emotional wounds. Avery is determined to unveil the familial history before Mama Letty's passing. Simultaneously, Avery finds companionship and connection in Simone, the next door neighbor, and their friendship blossoms into a romance.

This story is rich with turmoil, raw with emotion, and blazing with the fierce reckoning of younger generations willing to burn it all down in order to live their truth