A must read for everyone

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One of those books everyone should read. This is a coming of age story of a queer, black, girl in Georgia. Her grandmother is dying so her mother moves them back to Georgia to help with the transition. Watching this family heal from some of their wounds, to forgive, and fall back in love with each other was magical. You see that some wounds never actually heal, and was the sad truth for far too many people in the south. The friendship between the girls was so special, and their conversations rang so true for high school. The underlying mystery in this book was deeply disturbing, and the reveal even more so. It left gaping wounds in multiple families that will never really heal. This whole story was about coming home, and the way the world is inexplicably changed by our presence, leaving bits of ourselves everywhere- from the secret swimming hole, the local restaurant turned dance hall, or even a little house on a dirt road.