A family Reunited or Not

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A great storyline of 3 women with a lot of hurt and pain between them a mother and daughter who have so
much hurt that one caused the and can they make it back ? is it possible ? The pain and hurt of so many years between them and many years of separation because the daughter could t bear to go back home until she got word that her mother had cancer and her days were numbered , she brings her daughter Avery home with her to meet her grandmom Letty for the 2 nd time since she was a little girl and Avery loves the grandmom she sees before her and tries many times to bring these two together again and reunite the family she always dreamed of having and this is where Avery addresses her sexuality of being a lesbian and finds herself in Bardwell Georgia and then once grandmom Letty and her mom rekindle their love and addres their issues the dreadful moment comes when Grandmom Letty passes and their worlds turn upside down again but at least they had this time together !