Wonderful multi-faceted book

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Forgive me if I gush about this book. It is that good. I'll skip the plot synopsis, because after reading others' versions before starting to read, I didn't expect to like the book, but I loved it! It's part family saga, part romance, but all GOOD. Told from different points of view, it focuses primarily on the Brennan family (surprising, given the title) who live in a suburb of New York City. The only daughter, Sunday, returns from living in LA at a time when the family needs her most.

The story is told from multiple points of view which not only deepens character development but adds layers and suspense to the plot. The characters are flawed, but mostly likable (except for the characters the reader is not supposed to like).

WE ARE THE BRENNANS is impossible to put down, and the ending suggests there may be a sequel. I hope so! #WeAreTheBrennans #CeladonBooks