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When Sunday goes out with a coworker for some drinks, the last thing she thinks is that it will end with her returning home for the first time in five years. And yet, when her brother shows up in the hospital and tells her to come home, she does and is forced to confront the secrets, lies, betrayals, and drama that she ran away from five years ago. But, while she was gone some things have changed for every member of her family and those changes may make facing some of those things more difficult to face than she ever imagined.

I have been super excited about this book for a minute now. I am glad to say it did not disappoint! This book tells the story of the Brennan family (and their somewhat extended family) at a major turning point in their family. My favorite part is that the story is told from multiple perspectives. You get at least one chapter from almost every major character in the book and while many books try that and end up with a poor flow that feels disconnected, this author executes it flawlessly. The voice of each character, while distinct, was not so drastically different that it was hard to transition between people. I didn't find myself lamenting that I was going to get someone else's POV for fear of missing something. The characters are deep and their challenges complex, but not unrealistically so. In a way, the ending left me hanging, but that made the book even better. There is just enough information for the reader to not be totally left hanging, but to also not know the complete answer. It is left to you to make your own decision what happens. The only thing I was sad about was that the book ended! Thanks so much to BookishFirst and Celadon Books for a copy of this fantastic debut novel!