The perfect family drama

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Cue my next favorite family drama book.

The Brennans are an Irish Catholic family torn apart by secrets. Sunday Brennan (the only daughter) moved to LA 5 years ago, leaving her past and family behind. When she lands in the hospital after an accident, she decides it's time to deal with the past. Back in New York, Sunday is reunited with her 3 brothers, her father, and the ex-fiancé she left when she fled to LA. Everyone in the family is trying to move forward, but are now faced with confronting all the things that have kept them apart.

I adored this family and their dynamics. I could not stop listening to this book. Told from multiple perspectives, this book had me riveted and I liked the little twist at the end.

The relationship Sunday has with all of the men in her life was raw and realistic.

This book needs to be a tv show or movie ASAP!

🍀 Read if you love character-driven stories, twists, characters who make loads of bad decisions, layers of secrets and misunderstanding, and family drama galore.