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I absolutely love family dramas and this one certainly hit the mark. A big Irish family living in New York, secrets, lies, bonds that only siblings can have. The first chapter of this book really didn’t catch me, so I had to push on but once i did I ended up so enmeshed in sundays story. Her brothers stories are also interesting, Denny the golden boy, Shane the intellectually disabled who everyone loves and protects.
Kales and Sunday’s story is my favorite though I’m still not certain how I feel about the outcome.
We get only glimpses of their parents, Mickey is older and he has a bit of memory loss. Their mother Maura has passed away and to be honest she’s not my favorite character. I actually can’t stand her. I tried really hard to look at things from her perspective but I found her self centered and selfish.
I think the main message of this book is that family might be a little messed up but their yours snd the only one you’ve got.