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Do you have a book that you love so much that you can’t say no when you find extra copies?! For me, it’s this one. I know I’ve given this book out in my LFL at least 3 times.. and I still have 3 copies. 😂🥰

Here’s my original review when I read this prior to the publish date! I recommend this book to literally everyone, and I can’t wait to read her new book coming out this summer! 😍

I was so excited to receive this book in a little free library giveaway from Celadon Books! ☘️ This is a story about a dysfunctional family, full of secrets, lies, and bad decisions.

Sunday Brennan left her family behind 5 years ago to suddenly move out to LA to work on her writing career.. but she left behind an 8 year relationship with a lot of unanswered questions..

Meanwhile, her brothers are running a bar that is having more financial trouble than most of them realize.. and Denny is doing his best to cover up any suspicions that the others may have, and striking deals any way he can to try and dig out..

When Denny receives a call from an LA hospital that his sister, Sunday, was in an accident, he goes to her immediately, and is able to convince her to return to the family she left 5 years ago, and her old flame.

This story shows the love of a dysfunctional Irish family, which was a running theme of the book started by the siblings parents years ago.. and just how far they are willing to go to protect each other and come out on the other side. I LOVE #familyfirst trope and this one totally hit the mark for me.
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