One Good Family Story

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Every family has its share of deserters and others who stay around for the long haul fulfilling the obligatory care of the elders, the children, and if appropriate the family home and/or business. This book has both. For the long haul brother the call came in the middle of the night, his sister the deserter was in a car accident, facing minor injuries that would need time to heal, the loss of her job, and the loss of her license. This accident had been caused by a major BAC (blood alcohol level). Being a dutiful family member he travels from New York to California to be there for his sister. She looks terrible with facial bruises, eye trauma, and a broken arm; and it appears, a somewhat broken spirit. He convinces her to come home giving her a quick overview of the problems there, elderly Dad, seemingly broken marriage, and a business ready to go boom or bankrupt from expansion. He needs help is his plea.

This is every family's story and one that is well-told with engaging characters and backstories just mysterious enough to interest. This is a high-interest book for me and I loved the setting, people, and story.