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Wow! What a great story! This book was full of family secrets and heartache, but FAMILY is the root of it all. Lots of families keep their own little secrets from each other, but the secrets the Brennan's kept from each other were life changing.
Sunday left the love of her life, Kale, five years ago and he really never understood why. Only Sunday and her brother, Jackie, knew the real reason. When she comes home, events occur that make her have to come clean, and when she does all sorts of other secrets get exposed. The Brennan's have always been a close knit family. Sunday, Jackie, Denny, and Shane grew up not wanting for anything really. Kale was even considered an adopted Brennan. Their father worked hard to provide for his family. The question is, will all these secrets that crawl out of the closet bring them closer together or push them apart? Kale has moved on from Sunday. He has a wife and a son. Will her coming clean about why she left bring closure or open up old feelings that need to rediscovered? This was a great debut novel for Tracey Lange!