Great Family Drama Story!

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I might be biased as an Irish New Yorker but I really enjoyed We Are the Brennans. I normally don’t like books without super neat, happy endings but this one had just enough resolution to satisfy me. (Although, I would love an epilogue or a sequel!)

This is a great family drama story with some romance and mystery thrown in. I loved learning about the Brennans and their love and loyalty for one another. They felt like a very real family that any one of us could know in real life and I was sorry to say goodbye to them. They, just like any family, have love for each other but also arguments and hurts from over the years. They are each dealing with their own struggles, faults and mistakes. There are also secrets being kept.

However, overall, it's a beautiful, heartwarming book that illustrates how our families are there for us in the toughest of times.