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Sunday Brennan is a girl who has fled her birthplace of Long Island and her close knit family to live in LA to hide a secret that she has kept hidden from her family. She gets in a car accident and her brother Denny flies to LA after getting the call from the police that he is her emergency contact. Denny owns a bar with his friend, Kale, who was romantically involved with Sunday. The bar is experiencing financial difficulties and although Sunday had said she was going to leave after helping them, she then decides to stay. The book is told from alternating points of view and throughout the book you get to know each of the characters and the role they play in the family dynamic. Usually when an author writes from different perspectives I often find it confusing, but with We Are the Brennans, it was an integral part of the story to know what each of the characters is thinking and how their secrets affect the other members of the family. A great debut novel that I highly recommend!