Good characterization parts of plot unrealistic

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The author, Tracey Lange, does a very good job with characterization in We Are The Brennans. I feel like I really got to know the people in the book and their many struggles.

However, I can’t see the events that unfolded would have been enough for the main character, Sunday, to pick and move, barely staying in touch with her family and dropping her boyfriend without even trying to sit down and talk to him about what happened. Part of the problem is, Tracey Lange did such a good job describing their relationship and love for each other that it seemed completely unreasonable that Sunday would have run away over something that honestly, didn’t seem to be the major deal that Sunday thought it was. . She also did a great job describing how much Sunday loved her family and how she looked after her brother who has learning challenges. Would this person run off and stay away for 5 years? I don’t think so. Kale’s wife is over-the-top jealous, and I thought her behavior was a bit much.

The blurb I read promised a good many family secrets, and that was certainly a part of the book. Many of the people in the story were deeply flawed humans who kept things they did, or things that happened to themselves; the lack of communication was a major problem.

Overall, the story was good--not great—but good. The ending neatly tied up some loose pieces, and I’m sure romance lovers will appreciate it, but I felt a bit at odds over how quickly one of the characters decided to end a relationship.