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Sunday Brennan is 29 years old and living in California , after a night of drinking she finds herself waking up in the hospital. She’s informed that she had crashed her car into a barricade and she was drunk. Her brother Denny flys in from New York and they both agree she will return home with him. Sunday is nervous to return home it’s been five years since she left her fiancée Kale and her close knit family for no reason. When she arrives her father Mickey who has declining health is happy to see her and so are her two other brothers Shaun and Jackie. When Denny asks her to be the book keeper for the families pub, she’s shocked it’s on the brink of financial ruin. To make matters even more awkward Sunday’s ex fiancée Kale is now married to another woman and they have a son ,and he’s now Denny’s business partner and he doesn’t even realize how bad the pub is failing. Denny is hoping that if they open a new pub it will help, but soon a broken pipe and a loan is another financial obstacle and when he borrows money from someone from their past, it changes everything. Sunday is harboring a secret a secret she ran from five years ago and when she finally reveals it, she soon realizes it affects her entire family in different ways including her ex Kale. I loved this book, each chapter ends with a conversation and then the conversation picks up in the next chapter with the other character. Each character was so beautifully written and each had their flaws. I want more! Five stars!