Family saga worth the read!

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We are the Brennan's is the story of an Irish Catholic Family mirrored in so many bad decisions, flawed siblings and buried secrets. Honestly, I couldn't stop reading this book - devoured it in a day!

Every chapter of We are the Brennan's is told from the perspective of each member of the family, seamlessly flowing together to the last page. Tracey lange, the author, has beautifully captured the essence of love, loss, shame and forgiveness throughout this saga

The bench scene with Sunday and Kale, at the end, confirms that sometimes life leads us apart only to lead us back together. Smiling after I read the last word.

This is a stunning debut novel worthy to be added to your To-Be-Read pile. I will look for future works under the author's pen.

I received an Advance Reader Copy from BookishFirst after winning in a book raffle.
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