Family Drama at Its Best

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The Brennans are very much indeed a dysfunctional family. I think when we read these types of books, we are hoping their families are much worse than ours so we can feel better about our family. The Brennans fit this bill perfectly.

The story starts out with Sunday Brennan living in California for the last five years, somewhat estranged from her family. She knows why, but they do not. Five years ago, she abruptly left them and her longtime finance, Kale, for California and only returned once for her mother’s funeral. Sunday’s deep-seated secrets and pain have festered all this time and finally, she ends up in a single-car DUI accident. Her brother, Denny, once her best friend is listed as her emergency contact.

This is a story of family secrets. Sunday’s secrets have destroyed the beautiful life she once thought she was destined to have. To pay penance she fled to California. The rest of her family are all holding on to their secrets as well. I loved the way this story unfolded chapter by chapter told by each family member.

Once upon a time, due to an absent father and a hypochondriac mother, Sunday took care of running the household. Now, Denny has been in charge for the past five years, and he has not done as good a job. The co-owner of a popular pub with Kale, he is having many problems both personally and professionally but has kept everything a secret from Kale and his family. He drops everything, however, to fly to California to see about his sister. He brings the banged-up Sunday back with him and from there all kinds of fireworks ensue. Kale, her childhood sweetheart and the love of her life, is married with a child. Her father is mentally not as sharp as he used to be and as all the family secrets start to spill out, she realizes she must share hers as well.

I can’t express in words how much I enjoyed this book. My heart was breaking all the way through for Sunday and Kale. I was so sad and devastated about their lost dreams and how they were struggling with both the past and the future.

The author did a fantastic job drawing me into the family dynamics of the Brennans. I gave it five fabulous stars!