Family drama

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Growing up in an Irish family, the Brennans looked out for each other, especially when Shane was born with a mental disability. When Sunday left town 5 years earlier, leaving behind her fiance, Kale, and her family, they were stunned. Now, Sunday has returned, but things are different. Her mother is dead, her father is dying, and her brother Denny is struggling in both his marriage and his business life, being deeply in debt. Kale is now married and has a son.
As the story develops, we finally learn why Sunday left so abruptly. This is a story of shame (which is not warranted), and love and resilience. I enjoyed the story and this family, although they are flawed in many ways - but what family isn't?
I look forward to reading more from Tracey Lange. This debut novel was a great introduction to her writing.
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