Couldn't Put This Down

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This book captured me from the first few pages and had me going until the very last page when I literally gasped out loud. Five years ago, Sunday Brennan fled her hometown because it was the only thing she thought she could do to avoid all that was happening in her life. What had once been almost perfect suddenly broke down over the course of a few days. She returns only once to her hometown for her mothers funeral and promptly returns to the west coast. Sunday is determined to outrun her past until she can't anymore. A horrific car accident forces Sunday to swallow her pride and return home to face her past. At home she quickly faces her aging father, her former fiancé for who she still harbors a long lost over and many regrets and a family business in danger of collapsing on itself. This complex family drama will grip you from the first page and wanting to be part of the Brennan family.