buried secrets and testing loyalty

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The Brennans is about a very close knit family that maybe doesn't know each other as well as they've always thought. When the only daughter of the family has a horrible accident, she's forced to return home to New York from LA. This forces Sunday Brennan into facing all the secrets and drama she was trying to spare her family by running away.

As if her own issues weren't enough, her return has forced other Brennans to come to terms with their own issues. This family has many long buried and some current secrets, that are all about to be revealed whether they're ready to face them or not.

This book explores a not so perfect family that is ripping at the seams due to all the lies they've told each other in order to protect each other. If you're not a fan of miscommunication in books, then you might want to skip this one, it's full of it. That said, I enjoyed the lengths this family went through in order to help each other.