All the stars!

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If I knew this book was going to turn my world upside down I would of packed some tissues!!! Omg the family dynamic and love for each other in this book! This is a family bond every family wants and strives for. I am always huge on character development and a good story and this book hit all the marks and more. I am still in awe that this was a debut! I can’t wait to see what this author creates and will be a new auto buy author for me. Oh how I just wanted to hold Sunday and tell her everything would be better soon . Her character blossomed on the page and she is the meaning of a strong woman! The struggles she had faced, trying to be the one that kept everything together. Her relationship with another character is something everyone desires in their live. You will love every character you meet. You might want to punch some of them but you also understand them. Everyone should pick this book up!