A story about a family that is very complicated and I would love to be able to read the rest of it.Sunday

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Sunday Brennan left her home on the east coast almost 5 years previously leaving behind her family and her boyfriend with no explanations. She just picked up and left. On a spur of the moment decision she goes to a birthday party for a girl at work that she barely knows and drinks and drinks and drinks more, knowing that she is drinking too much but still not stopping. After calling an Uber to take her home and still not being able to leave when the bar is closing she decides to drive home herself. How hard can it be to drive the short distance to her home? Then the unthinkable happens. Between the road construction and her blurred vision she hits a concrete wall. When she awakes in the hospital her brother is there beside her. At first he is angry but then he realizes that her life has not been easy like she led them to believe and that she needs her family. The thing is not only does she need them but they all desperately need her. It sounds like an emotional roller coaster ride that will be well worth reading in order to see the conclusion at the end.