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This is the first Lisa Jewell book I've read and I loved it! In fact, after just reading one of her books, she has become one of my favorite authors! This book was so fast-paced, well written, and kept me guessing the entire time. There were many times that I didn't know which way the story line was going and who did what...and that made it that much better! Who is Tom Fitzwilliams really? The neighborhood where he lives thinks they know all there is to know about him--that he's nice and he helped turn their local school around--but he's got a past that's about to come back to haunt. And in the present, there is a young girl infatuated with him, while a mother thinks he is stalking her. This book begs the question, "How well do we really know anyone we associate with?" And it had a great, shocking ending. I cannot wait to read the rest of her books!