Neighborhood Watch-ing You

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The book begins with a bloody body in someone's kitchen; what better way to get a reader's attention? But what is not revealed at the beginning is not only who is the killer, but who is the victim? As the characters are introduced and fleshed out throughout the book, the reader is not privy to who we will. say goodbye to and who belongs in jail. However, many motives are laid out and dangled in front of the reader.

Lisa Jewel is a favorite of mine, and she proved once again why she is in this book. This story is well-layered and combines a kaleidoscope of stories of neighborhood characters into one overarching plotline perfectly. There were so many little threads that were laid out across the book that ended up tying up into one shocking reveal at the end. I pride myself on being pretty good at figuring these sorts of clues out, but these I did not solve! What a great book; Lisa Jewel has done it again!