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This book was amazing and everything I hoped it would be after reading Then She Was Gone . This was the second Lisa Jewell book I have read and she has yet to disappoint. This book is a Suspenseful mystery thriller and it does not fall short of that . I love character driven books and that is exactly what these are . Someone gets murdered in their kitchen , in a home that is for the wealthier of individuals. As you follow 6 families , living in the same city you find out how they are all connected to the murdered individual making guesses along the way .

****Maybe Spoilers*****

There is Joey who is a newly wed and moves back in with her doctor brother in a home she looked at as a young girl and never thought they would live in . Her brothers wife Rebecca who is pregnant is very kept to herself and works from home . Joey and Rebecca do not have a relation ship and Joey questions why her brother even married her. Two doors down live Tim , Nicole and their son Freddie . Tim is a Headmaster that is new to town , married to a significantly younger past student of his, and his son is an introvert that watches , and documents the ongoing of the neighborhood without anyone noticing - well besides Jenna's Struggling mom ( Mental Health Issues ). Tim is super good looking and works at a private school where Jenna and Bess attend ( best friends that Freddie watches ) . Bess has a school girl crush on Tim , but she was not the first student to have one in his teaching lifetime . Who else has had a crush on Tim ? What has he been accused of ? Why did Rachel , Joey's sister in law and Jacks pregnant loving wife beg the old lady to sell her the home two doors down from Tim ? Is Jenna's "crazy" mom onto Tim ? Is Nicole really Tim's Loving innocent wife ? Is Joey really in love with her new husband after knowing him only a few short months in total ....

This book had me guessing who did it with every turn of the page - and at the end of the book I did not even see it coming .

to reiterate , another FANTASTIC Novel . Well down Lisa Jewell . This is a MUST read.