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This was one of my first books of the year, and first books by Lisa Jewell and I was unsure what I was getting into. But she did not disappoint.

The idea was very good. I loved it actually, but the pages seemed to drag on sometimes. Hung up over small things that didnt really matter to the story, or the main characters thoughts that I didn't care to know about.

Past that, once you got into the meat of the book (last 80ish pages), it was full speed ahead and the shock was so worth it!! I even gasped at the ending. I had to reread it a few times to make sure I was reading it correctly.

I enjoyed her writing, even if it was repetitive sometimes, and will likley pick up another book by her sometime soon.

The start of my thriller love.

I think its a soild 3.5/4 stars outta 5 for me. I wish the begning didnt rely on the plot so hard to keep the reader wanting to read. I wish it gripped us better, but the ending made the boring parts better.