A twisted love story with an even bigger twist

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A twisted love thriller that’s captivating from the beginning!

The book follows a young lady who becomes enamored with a neighbor. The physical attraction and tension between them is palpable. I loved this tale and how you didn’t quite know what way it would take you next.

Multiple POV are my favorite and this did not disappoint. There were many characters whose stories made you want each of them to prevail over the other depending on where you were along in the book. Each character was so carefully crafted, you couldn’t help but just love them all.

The book had a clever way of making each perspective lead you down a path where you through you might know what came next.

The ending was one I didn’t see coming, but was a pleasant surprised.

Lisa Jewell has a knack for taken the reader on and adventure, and just when you think you might know what’s going to happen next, she twist the story on a new oath and your sent reeling!!