Thank you bookish first for the free ARC Copy!!

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Thank you to Bookish First for picking me tho win this book in a raffle a few months ago.

This one was ok but wasnt for me. The book was more of a Horror than it was a YA book cause not much about YA in it.

The characters seemed interesting and the setting was beautifully described. The Consept seemed abit off to me and seemed to jump around too much to be an enjoyable read.

I realize this was probably the first book that this author wrote but i feel like whole story needed work with Character and Genre Building since there was alot of open spaces and alot of Plot Holes that could of been filled if this was part of a Series.

I will read more books by this author in the future this book just wasnt for me especially with how short some of the chapters were with sentences and pages.

I wanted to rate this higher than 3 stars but it just fell flat so many times for me.