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Watch Over Me is about Mila, a young woman who recently graduation from high school and aged out of the foster care system. She is given the opportunity to take a teaching position at "the farm". The farm is a secluded self sustaining farm in which every member pitches in. Ghosts are frequently seen playing and dancing around in the fields. Mila is hired to be a teacher for Lee. She instantly bonds with the 9 yr old. She soon realizes that everyone at the farm has a broken past. They all see the child like ghosts and are not afraid. Mila promises Lee to always protect him when he displays signs of panic attacks because "his" ghost is making mean faces at him. Mila does all that she can to protect him while fighting her own demons. Terry and Julia, the owners of the farm help everyone cope with their fears. Mila wonders if she should stay or run like the previous teacher. In the end, we find out her decision and what the presence of the ghosts really means. This is a slow build and wonderfully written book. I very much enjoyed this book. The author is new to me so I will definitely check out her other works.