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I was really looking forward to this book, but it fell kind of flat for me. I felt like the characters were lacking any flaws. Everyone at the farm was portrayed as wise and all-knowing, even the teenagers. They were so overly friendly that I got kind of a creepy vibe, like the main character had unwittingly joined a cult. And what was the deal with her relationships with the other two interns? The other two seemed to have a romantic relationship, and I'm not sure if the author was implying that Mila was also part of that? They would do things like share a bed and it just got confusing. Also, LaCour's portrayal of Lee (who's nine years old) was completely unrealistic. No child acts like that, especially one who's experienced a lot of trauma at such a young age. He was basically perfect, which is not how children are. I was expecting some complexity in this book, but I didn't really get that from it.