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Nina LaCour has been one of my favorite authors for years, and I’m lucky enough to get to work with her now.

Her latest book comes out today. Watch Over Me is a modern day ghost story, full of gothic elements, and is a deep exploration of trauma and family. It’s gorgeous and lyrical and quietly beautiful, just like her books that came before it.

I had read the beginning a few months ago, but hadn’t read the full thing until just last night. The pandemic has made concentrating hard and I haven’t been finding a lot of motivation lately.

But last night, I got off work, and my Penny was snoozing in bed, and she let me sit down next to her and do the closest thing to cuddling this cat will tolerate. She just slept quietly by my side while I stroked her stomach and I read and read and read.

In case it’s not clear from this, I loved it. What a beautiful little book. I’ll be thinking about this and my own ghosts for a very long time.