Promises to be a Haunting Book

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Mila is leaving her foster home because she has been chosen to teach at a place called the Farm. There she meets Terry and Julia, the parents of the children who live there, as well as Liz and Billy, the other interns who work with the children on the Farm. Mila is working with Lee, a young boy who has secrets that scare him but he won’t share them. When Mila goes to her cabin, she sees ghosts dancing. Then we see Mila in her past life with her mother and Blake, on a camp out. Blake doesn’t seem to like Mila much and may actually be cruel to her. Everything in the first impression is so secretive, with hidden spaces in the farm, an ocean a short walk away and relationships between the others that have already formed so that Mila feels left out. A good way to capture the reader’s attention, with ghosts dancing around and fear in the air!