Teen Camaraderie in Dystopia

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This novel is inspired by the events of the Nigerian Civil War. In a future where the US and Europe have left for space after their nuclear war has covered the planet in radiation, teen girls in Nigeria are hiding in resistance camps. Many of them have PTSD or prosthetic or cybernetic augmentations for their wounds. They deal with the fear of those who aren't missing limbs and the knowledge that these prosthetics will become increasingly common as the war continues. Onyii and Ify's sisterhood bonds were touching. The world is intriguing. New species have appeared due to the radiation, and it seems like the war girls might not have all the information about why they're camped out by the coast. The intelligent robot Enyemaka leads to questions of what defines a human. This is a novel about living in the aftermath of great violence and creating a new future.