Just couldn't finish

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War Girls sounded really good and started off to be some what good, but unfortunately I just couldn't get into the storyline of this one. I couldn't really connect with any of the characters and it was a bit harder to follow along and get into the story. I tried to push through the book and maybe get past all of the story and character building to get to the better parts of the book. However I just wasn't able to finish the book. I made a few attempts to come back to the book and give it another try thinking just maybe I'll be able to finish it, but that just was not the case. I think the idea is great and the cover is intriguing enough for me to want to pick it up and look more at the synopsis.

This is a story that is set in 2172 with a world that has been destroyed from climate change and radiation. It is a world where we must face the consequences of our carelessness of the world.